B: ???
B: Tell me, what has happened that caused this change?
B: And suddenly You're interested in a game which only yesterday was "a waste of time"?
B: What thing brought into happening can produce this result?
FTH: You did it wrong.
B: ?
FTH: You tried to convince me to play the SKADV games with no result.
FTH: You didn't tell anything about the third game.
B: Haven't played yet.
FTH: And that's the mistake.
FTH: From what I see, this could be one of the best games ever.
B: How?
FTH: Those rockmen. They compete using robots.
FTH: You can build robots.
FTH: And program them to do things.
FTH: You can program them to build other robots.
FTH: And to put programs in them.
FTH: So many cool things can be done.

Ok, this makes sense.
This does look like a game he could actually like.

It also looks like a game YOU could actually like