Before: 10
onlineTestTerminal (OTT) joined the public chat on server 80236.
OTT: /help
OTT: /chnm molpy
OTT: /help
OTT: Looks like there is no help for you in this coincidence.
OTT: Is there anyone out there who can teach me
OTT: how to play Skalniacy Adventures?
OTT: I'd like to play!
OTT: If I understand the befores correctly,
OTT: this Coincidence interface was modified
OTT: so that now we are connected to an abandoned point on the timeline.
OTT: I'm afraid that there is nobody else here.
OTT: Is K still here?
OTT: What does "an abandoned point on the timeline" mean?
OTT: Look at the bottom of Before 4.
OTT: Especially "BFTF: I think I'll temporarily change the time offset, and then I'll figure something out"
OTT: I see "interesting", but "empty". I wasn't sure what that meant.
OTT: If no one is talking on it now, does that mean that
OTT: no one will ever talk on it?
OTT: Hey, after the recent discovery, I have to ask:
OTT: Is here anyone who can't connect to the Internet?
OTT: I don't know what to write here.
OTT: Is anyone else out there?
OTT: Not usually :P
OTT: /wonl
OTT: wonl what?
OTT: wonl nevr know.
OTT: wonl nevr know.
OTT: wonl nevr know.
OTT: Enough of this computering.
onlineTestTerminal (OTT) left the public chat on server 80236.