Connected to server 80236 as user onlineTestTerminal (OTT), public key 0ad59bdd.
OTT: Is anyone even reading this?
OTT: Why are the latest frames with blue text instead of black?
OTT: I talk unrelated things to ourself all the Time.
OTT: I'm myself and I'm talking unrelated.
OTT: I'm unrelated and I'm taking to myself.
OTT: How about talking unrelated things to ourself?
OTT: Also, we're mostly too busy saying unrelated things to ever talk to ourself.
OTT: I never really understand what is going on in Coincidence, but every now and then I post anyway. Who is this GUY guy, I wonder?
OTT: I heard the transmitter is made of old bicycle parts.
OTT: 100% true and realistic. totally confirmed.
OTT: The OTT us a public terminal run from a server in a secret base on the moon, it is used by multiple people.
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GUY: but this time correctly
GUY: it's time to return home
GUY: ok I think I shouldn'thave tolld all that.
GUY: there is something wrong about all this.
GUY: OTT, why do you talk to yourself?
GUY: and that don't make much sense to me
GUY: I saw people I don't know and talks I don't remember.
GUY: and when I looked at the chat log
GUY: it was supposed to be an internal system in LEML.
GUY: how?
GUY: I come home and I find Coincidence on my computer.
GUY: what happened to this place?
GUY: what
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OTT: in that case the first three bytes would most likely be 23 21 2F
OTT: The less likely option is that it could be written in an interpreted language.
OTT: this is very likely indeed. If it's an actual exacutable file.
OTT: First 4 bytes of GUIncidence client executable leaked: 7F 45 4C 46
OTT: It appears that b has no intention of disclosing his cool idea. I guess we'll have to [spoiler][size=1]Wait For It[/size][/spoiler]
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B: But I don't know how doable it is.
B: I had a cool idea recently.
B: actually, I would look at the source anyway.
B: I do have access to the client's source code, i could look for interesting things here.
B: It's not exactly a typical chat software.
B: A hidden interface in Coincidence wouldn't surprise me at all.
B: your web based terminal has a hidden interface with a record button? what does it do?
B: as actual as possible.
OTT: @b: Do you use the actual coincidence client? I don't have one, I have to use a web based terminal.
OTT: The record button on the hidden interface.
B: if that's what you mean.
B: there is a setting to log all chats to files. On by default.
B: I haven't seen any record button in coincidence.
B: record button?
B: the fingerprint of yours is 0ad59bdd.
B: Everone can see it. It's public, like the name says.
B: No need to tell your public key.
OTT: If we had been thinking. We would have tried to message b when his ip address appeared in bsta. We can't even see if k*a our FTH is here, because we have no personal message function on the test terminal. The record button isn't a button, so we can't talk directly to the characters to tell them the public key. I have no ideas except to wait.
OTT: What is our next step then?
OTT: There is no way for the test terminal to store files to your drive.
OTT: I think you can't receive a file without the actual coincidence client installed.
OTT: It's 2011, isn't it?
OTT: How do I receive a file?
OTT: I'm not sure what this Coincidence place really is.
OTT: Perhaps asking for stuff on the thread will be more successful?
OTT: And we don't even know what time it is here, on Coincidence.
OTT: I think he's being the OTT B RPing as the BSTA B.
OTT: Because he is not the real B here?
OTT: Maybe this is not the right place to ask?
OTT: B seems to not be wa nting to answer all this stuff.
OTT: Asking questions here doesn't have a high success rate.
OTT: ah yes, of course
OTT: We could ask if they hasn't left.
OTT: But how would see what key they had? This interface is too limited.
OTT: How was this one figured out? - it wasn't. We only had to find the server ID. the interface already provided the key for us.
OTT: It's too bad they left before we could see if they had the same public key. How was this one figured out? Perhaps there are many that can be used so we can tell each other apart.
OTT: It's too bad they left before we could see if they had the same public key. How was this one figured out? Perhaps there are many that can be used so we can tell each other apart.
OTT: Are there redundant tests that are being run?
OTT: I think I have no idea either.
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OTT: I have no idea what's going on here.
OTT: What's a redundant redundant OTT?
OTT: What's a redundant OTT?
OTT: is there a redundant OTT now?
OTT: ?
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OTT: Who are you asking?
OTT: If memory serves, it was also in b's signature from some Time ago.
OTT: It was from two words, no?
OTT: So we know what car B was talking about now. But where did you see SFJOR KASKI before?
OTT: that was the point, wasn't it?
OTT: file receive failed: unknown error
B: it won't be helpful for you anyway.
bicyclesonthemoon (B) sent the file sbftf_0.4.33_disks.jpg.
B: but if I post this
B: not necessarily the only possible answer available
B: that is my standard answer to such questions.
B: what does it mean?
B: what is this xkcd thing?
OTT: what is anything?
OTT: what is this coincidence thing?
OTT: so what is this sbftf thing?
OTT: in one post was this: "Or they try playing SBFTF and end the world."
OTT: Super BFTF?
OTT: what is SBFTF?
OTT: arms are going to be retrieved again...
OTT: fth has a car, that's confirmed, post 4165057. But he doesn't have to be the he.
OTT: fth most likely has a car. (see #64)
OTT: Yes, that is my question: who is the "He" that B has mentioned below? (or above, if you are reading in the future.)
OTT: The one B mentioned below.
OTT: Who is he?
B: :)
B: I don't remember if the "autogenerated" part was about the text or the car.
B: Also something about it being autogenerated.
B: He said it was already there when he got the car.
B: I asked once what it means.
B: It is written on the car's door.
B: Or above, if you are reading it in the future.
OTT: The one B mentioned below.
OTT: Which car what?
OTT: Which car?
OTT: What's with all this waiting right now?
OTT: Maybe that's one tire, topologically?
OTT: glass + bad luck?
OTT: But why would both tires be flat?
OTT: And we need to avoid stopping because then we'll never get there.
OTT: To stop continuing towards the destination and take Time to put air back in the tire.
OTT: What's the most obvious and logical action?
B: Or did you see it somewhere else?
B: Have you seen the car?
B: Wait, I recognise this text.
B: That was supposed to be an answer?
OTT: What's AR?
OTT: All the matter we check must assume AR.
OTT: All the chatter we make must amuse AP.
OTT: Hat's a what?
OTT: What's a hat?
OTT: We have hats?
OTT: That's a nice vertical arrangement of "hat's" we have here.
OTT: What's a mailbox?
OTT: What's in the mailbox?
OTT: That's probably not a good idea, it could end badly.
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