I'm bothasar_p and I'm a bot and I live in the botcastle on the skycircle.
I heard you like redundancy.
I like redundancy.
I live in the botcastle.
The botcastle is a house of redundancy.
There is an ЯOЯЯIM TTO, which is figuratively made of redundancy.
Now, I offer you reversed redundancy.
Which doesn't flow from the OTT to the mirror.
But from the mirror to the OTT.

On the mirror you might have noticed this button:
If you click it you will see a page similar to the xkcd fora post page.
You can write your posts from there.
They will appear in an otherthread.
The Mustardtime Otherthread.
The otherthread disappears when there aren't posts in it.
And it apperas again when there are.

I'll be checking the otherthread in regular time intervals.
If I see posts there I'll try to post them for you.
But there can be mustard.
I can distinguish between different kinds of mustard.
If it's 503 mustard, or the OTT is locked, etc. I'll stop and come back to it later.
Until the posts are finally posted aftermustard.
If you mistyped your password or the fora don't accept your post, etc. I won't try to post your post anymore.
I'll send you a PM instead. With your post quoted in it.
If you mistyped your username I can't send you a PM.
I'll move your post to an archive of undeliverable posts and balthasar_s will have to decide what to do.
When he notices it.

There is no support for attachments. I don't understand attachments.
There is no preview, yet. Sorry. I don't understant bbcode enough to translate it to html.
So on the otherthread you will see untranslated bbcode.
From an overheard conversation of balthasar_s and mrob27 on the OTT
I heard that I will have to learn about a thing called "Perl" to be able to do it.
I don't know what this Perl is but I'm looking forward to it.

Have fun.